Vote Now in 2018

Vote Now in 2018

A few days ago Donald Trump made racist comments about Haitian and African Immigrants.

During the week that our country commemorates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights champion known for his fight for liberty and justice for ALL particularly people of color, the 45th President chose to use his platform to be divisive and ignorant.

Every naturalized Immigrant and American should make a point to Vote in EVERY election in which they are eligible, including the critical election of 2020 where we will elect a new President who knows that immigrants had a long, and recent, history of making this country great. New Americans can also shape the future of our communities by volunteering and organizing with campaigns, civic engagement organizations, and like-minded groups and individuals.

Nigerian’s and other African Immigrants are some of the most educated immigrants and contribute to the strength of this economy. The President of the United States of America has once again chosen to be divisive, and regressive, and we stand with the majority of Americans to say “Enough!”.

NAPAC USA is days away from launching its 2018 Voter Registration campaign.  It is our aim to mobilize the African Community to speak up on all platforms to let him know we are not s**** hole immigrants.

If you want the President of the United States of America to know that Haitian, Nigerian, and Other African Immigrants are making a positive contribution, please support our campaign #VOTENOWIN2018.

To ACT and Make a Difference Go To

We also encourage that you call your legislator to know your position on current Immigration policies.


Let Us Make a Difference,

Segun Adeyina

President, NAPAC USA